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I won a Bobby on Ravelry, I did!  and here’s proof!

Yes, I did!  I was nominated for a photo of a sweater I let my beloved son tell me how to knit!  The OMG Sweater, by name, as well .. OMG!!! It is huge. It can cover a 747 and keep the ice off it. It can carry the space shuttle or a 707 in its pocket.

He uses it, not as a sweater mind you, but as a chair pad!

So, the moral of the story is this: even when the knitting gods kick you in the teeth, take a photo of the kicker, and go public with it. We all make mistakes or have these issues. It is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the world of knitting. Now, I just need to post a photo of the thing here!

Yes, there it is, in all its glory!


Comments on: "It is OFFICIAL" (2)

  1. Oh dear god, that was YOU? LOL! We’ll need to hook up on Ravelry so you can see my “Omg it’s a ROSE pillow” lmao

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